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Introducing The League Manager!

League management made easy!

The League Manager was created for any sport with lengthy seasonal competition. It shares similar features and capabilities with the Tournament Manager however it has slight enhancements geared for league seasonal play and playoffs. Where the Tournament Manager is geared for short events with hundreds of participants and does not allow for back to back games and or playing the same team more than once, the League manager is geared to Double or tripple headers including playing the same team multiple times home and away based on settings entered by the league organizers or administrators

Let D1Scout help you manage your League.

D1Scout helps reduce your work load while increasing team and participant satisfaction. By using the power of the Internet D1Scout will help you centralize, streamline and automate all the information that can be so overwhelming that it prevents you from running a smooth & efficient League. Using our specialized web-based League management tools you can streamline:
  • Team Registration
  • Online Credit card payment processing invoicing and accounting
  • League Play Management with drag and drop adjustments and manipulation
  • Playoffs (single elimination)
  • Championship Playoffs (winners advance to winners' bracket losers to losers bracket and depending on the amount of teams seeded in the playoffs teams will be playing for their respective finish on their final game. For instance, teams will play for 1st place looser placing 2nd, 3rd place loser placing 4th, 5th place loser placing 6th. etc... )
  • Showcase (individual player including registration, payments, team assignment and scheduling)
  • Participating team information management including "blackout dates ( days teams cannot be scheduled for competition)
  • Team Roster Management
  • Double and triple header scheduling
  • Team Division Management, Playoff seeding and division assignment
  • Automated rules based seeding from league play into playoffs
  • Automated Tournament Home Page populated dynamically from your tournament information
  • Online game schedule management and schedule publishing and distribution
  • Automated email and / or text messaging notification of schedule changes
  • Store and manage real time scores and standings
  • Automated Tournament reports
  • Document repository and delivery system
  • Centralized database management, and more...

There's simply no better online League Management system. The customizable software handles the needs of virtually every type of event from full season play to single day showcase events. The League Manager can help you manage Leagues and events for a wide range of sports including baseball, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, basketball, football, hockey, and many others. Create any type of brackets, Leagues, Divisions, showcase or any type of group play. Whether you are a national sports organization or a local team that hosts their own local events, D1Scout's tournament management software helps you manage the entire League or event process on the web from any computer at any location with an Internet connection.

Visit the The Nike Rose Classic used on these
screenshots to see the League Manager in action! Nike Rose classic uses the Tournament Manager and The League Manager in tandem to run their invitation only events.

Tournament Manager 2010 Pricing:

If you feel you have special requirements please request a custom quote. All pricing is annual and includes use of the software for multiple tournaments.
Annual Cost: $2000.00
(billed on first of the month of Registration)

Design , support & setup: $750.00
(first years one time charge.)

Annual Support and Maintenance: $500.00
(*optional: Billed after the first year.)

*If you already own a D1Scout Site

*If you have a special requirement and need to talk to someone

Below is in in-depth view of the Tournament Manager:

Manage the entire tournament process on line from any computer with an Internet connection.

With D1Scout's Tournament Manager you can manage all the processes that it takes to run an efficient smooth tournament from any computer with an Internet connection. Communicate with teams and coaches and deliver a professional and precise schedule with no scheduling discrepancies, duplicate games or back to back games. Supply the latest info and updates to teams , players, parents and fans. Deliver a concise scheduling itinerary package with court assignments , opponents names(not just a number you have to weed through numerous documents to find), and venue directions. Leveraging the power of Google Maps and with over 117,000 certified locations in our database your participating teams will not be showing up to an empty parking lot across town wondering where everyone is. The tournament manager not only schedules according to rules you set but even takes travel time from venue to venue into account during the automated scheduling process, and if necessary, supply's venue to venue directions to the team and team members as well.

Your Tournament Home Page is auto generated and allows you to easily edit the information or add additional information. Participating Teams / Schedules and Directions / Game Results are all presented on the Tournament Home Page.
Setting up a tournament is as easy as answering a few key questions. Like Event name, how long the games should be, what age groups you are inviting ...etc.

Easily manage on-line registrations and payments

Increase your tournament participation attendance through 24/7 online registration and collect payments through secure & encrypted processing technology. Manage all aspects of the payment process with powerful reporting tools integrated into the management system. Contact and communicate with coaches and teams prior to the tournament deadline if any portion of their registration or payment is not complete while stressing the omission may jeopardize their spot on the schedule and in the event. Take partial payments and deposits while supplying participants with a receipt or proof of payment and use the powerful accounting and reporting system to inform you of and keep track of balance payments and monies due. Communicate to all current or past event participants with a click of a button and inform them of event changes or invite them to an upcoming event. Build your database of participants and use the registration management features to communicate your events efficiently.

Once your event is posted the information is automatically updated to Your tournament Home Page. From There registrations for teams and individuals (showcase tournaments) are easy to use and can also collect online credit card payments.
Online Team Management is simple and you can capture payment info on the fly. Even keep track of payments by check or cash

Individual Player Showcase or Team management

Manage and take control of all the information for your players, if attending an individual showcase event, or teams attending your pool or bracket tournament. Review history and event performance based on results and set or override the team strength for better more competitive pool assignment. Check the status of a team and accept or reject their registration. The Tournament Manager uses a sophisticated algorithm to create your pools for you automatically. You can then make adjustments by dragging and dropping from one pool to another as you see fit. Once done you can lock the pools and use powerful tools to reshuffle the remaining pools or make matchup adjustments before you enter the automated scheduling process.

At any point during the event you can edit the Tournament Home page and add additional information or changes. You can also arrange the home page to deliver different information at different intervals during the event such as scores and standings once the event has commenced.
With over 117,000 certified venues navigable by GPS or Google maps in our database scheduling your location and court or field times is a breeze. Your teams and parents will never get lost.

Powerful Bracketing and Scheduling Management Capabilities

Our scheduling and bracketing module allows tournament organizers to schedule games and referees online in minutes. Our automated scheduling takes into account rules you set in the tournament setup process. Rules like how many games you would like between each team's games, the length and duration of the game and by setting the court start and end times it will tell you how many game slots you have per court. No more over scheduling or under scheduling events. Honor and accommodate requests easily during the scheduling process by dragging a team to the desired time and seeing any conflict that is created visually and on the fly. Generate tentative schedules for distribution amongst event organizers. Once confirmed lock the schedule and publish it. The system communicates with every team coach and delivers personalized tournament schedule and direction documents on the organizers behalf that can be forwarded to team members, eliminating any confusion of where the schedule is posted and if it is accurate. Schedule changes and updates are also automated and redistributed automatically as well.

Manage Schedules
By using Web 2.0 features, Once the system auto generates your schedule you can make adjustments by dragging and dropping certain matches where you want them. Bracket play automatically creates your seeding based on your preset rules and generates the games into the future including single elimination or up to championship brackets with a winner and losers bracket scheduler.
Pool play scheduling is just as easy with drag and drop pool adjustments, custom matchups and the ability to manage imbalanced pools and make custom cross pool matchups. Once the schedule is generated you can view each team with color coded highlights to get a visual reference of there playing times, and further adjust them if you wish.

Real Time Scores and Standings

You will be able to keep all participants and fans at your event updated with the latest, results and standings 24/7. Generate Pool into bracket events and use automated seeding based on event results, scores & predetermined rules. Although not necessary and purely at your own discretion, use our tournament scoring & standings display module so you can easily input your offline tournament scores for your event. With a click of a button you can present scores on your tournament home page and calculate the tournament pool or division standing in real-time. You can also get real-time updates on your ongoing tournament pools or brackets. Keeping and entering scores whether you present them to the public or not will assist you in the pool assignment process for future events and take much of the guesswork out of how a team performed against the competition in previously attended events. The end result being team and participant satisfaction in attending an event with good competitive matchups and far fewer lopsided blowouts.

Score entry is a breeze and you can enter the info based on division or by date, venue and court number in chronological order. If it is a Pool into bracket event. The system will set up the seeding automatically for you and generate a new tournament linked to your pool play event. This comes in handy of you are managing a league and have playoffs, quarterfinals ,semis and finals to decide the championship.
Brackets automatically update as you enter scores and not only post the results to the tournament home page but also to each teams individual tournament website created for them during registration to keep all historic information on your event.

See all these features and more by requesting a demonstration today!